EMKOR is professional in sales and support to customers to achieve their goals
with our strong back ground and network in Europe and Korea.
Our vision is that EMKOR shall become a leading sales and project support company assisting European suppliers, ship owners and
shipyards in Korea achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Sales of European designed marine and offshore equipment to ship owners and shipyards in Korea

· Sales promotion of products, European company to Korean shipyards by regular contact
· Arrangement of shipyard sales promotion tour
· Support good business relation between European company and Korean shipyards
· Manage maker list of new building project so that European company is invited to bidding by Korean shipyards
· Market research including evaluation of competitors, market price, trend of new building market, recent purchasing policy of Korean shipyards

Project management and -assistance

· Project recruitment and local sourcing & manufacturing as needed
· Smooth communication between field site of Korean shipyard and European company
· Minimize project risk of running projects by supporting delivery control, clarification of technical specification & contract terms
· Attendance to commercial and technical meeting in shipyard on behalf of European companies


· Carry out commissioning according to maker's instruction
· Inspection delivered products, onboard installation of products
· Arrangement of field workers to support engineers from maker

After-market services

· warranty and repair work
· spare parts, etc.

Other support services for European suppliers visiting and working in Korea

· Office/equipment, accommodation, Transport etc.
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